Saturday, December 17, 2011

How fast can the average person throw a baseball?

Professional baseball pitchers can throw 90-95 mph, and -- argueably -- the fastest pitches ever thrown were in the 101-103 mph range.

But how fast can the average joe (like me) throw a baseball? Someone who's never played baseball at any level, but is reasonably athletic and coordinated. I figure I can hurl a baseball close to 60 mph on a good day. Sound reasonable?

Has anybody here who doesn't play organized baseball ever been clocked with a radar gun? How'd you do? Anybody have any guesses for ball speed by an average joe? Other than wild guesses, I mean.|||I would say that 60 is a reasonable guess, but it might be a little lower than that. I used to play as a kid but i don't play much anymore and I was clocked in the low 60's last summer at a fan day thing. Of the 4 people I knew that were clocked i think the highest ws 67 with average being a little under 60.|||im 14 and i throw i guess thts ok?

I play for MANY Baseball teams. I play everyday and i am a pitcher.

So far this year the fastest i have pitch was 76 and tht was with a 4 seam

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|||11 to 14 throw about 60- 70. normal guys throw about 50 to 62

hope this helps

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|||actually, i just clocked my 40 year old relative, out of 3 he threw 54, 58, 55, so average 56

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|||im 16 and i throw around 88.

but you need to categorize the ages.

because i know a noob 16 year old is going to throw harder than a noob 40 year old.

id have to say the average teenage speed is around 68.

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|||I think that average would be around 65-70.. If you are testing at one of the pens that are set up at a ball park they are not very accurate, but I think anyone new that is not worried about control could probably muster up a 65mph HEATER!

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|||haha, well. depends how far you are throwing. any normal person throwing from the regulation 60 ft 6 inches could only get in maybe the 50's. it seems like your throwing pretty fast, but it never is that fast. but for those who get clocked at those things at games where you throw form 10 ft. anyone

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|||I'm 14 also, and I play on one of the most elite traveling teams i Florida. I throw around 75, but I'm a catcher. The pitchers on are team are between 77-83. We have one kid who can hit 87 though.

The fastest we have faced is 87, but normally it is between 72-81.

But throwing speed depends on a lot of things like arm slot, arm strength, and mechanics.|||Average male (16-50 y/o) would probably be able to throw it 55-65 MPH.

The upscale players can obviously make that look girly.|||Same as you. 55-65 mph|||im 14 and i throw in the low 60's it depends alot on mechanics and if u played ball when u were younger or even if u still do|||I doubt you could hit 60 mph. It is a lot faster than you think. No baseball experience, I would say 50. If you have good mechanics, then you could throw 60+.|||average is prolly 50 to 60, i throw at soxs games and hit 53 to 60 and im average

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